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Your Speed Queen and Dexter distributorfor Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

Used Equipment

Used Equipment

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One UniMac 50lb Drying Tumber

$ 1,400.00 FOB Green Bay

DTB50CGOM UniMac 50lb drying tumbler, N. gas, OPL programmable control, 120 or 208-240/60/1. Built in 1997, this dryer has some scuffs and dents on the sides but runs very well. Can be converted to LP gas.

One Vend-Rite Bag Vender

$ 125.00 FOB Green Bay

Used two column bag vender for the standard 50/75 cent laundry bags that come in boxes and are available from Vend-Rite. Almond Color. Works well.

Four Speed Queen 30lb Stacked Tumblers

$3,950.00 each FOB Green Bay

STT30NBC Speed Queen 30lb stacked drying tumblers, white color, MDC coin drop (can be converted to manual start), 120 or 208-240/60/1, n. gas. Less than 5 years old and in great shape!

Two Speed Queen Stack Gas Dryers

$1,495.00 each FOB Green Bay

SSGSXAGS111TW01 Speed Queen small stack gas dryer. Coin slide operated. Built in December of 2017, they are leftovers from the last model change and are new (not used) with a full factory warranty. The current model sells for $2,075.00

Four Speed Queen 30lb Frontload Washers

$4,200.00 each FOB Green Bay

SCN030JCFXU3001 Speed Queen 30lb hard-mount washer/extractors. Quantum Silver coin drop that can be programmed for non-coin use. Built in February of 2018 they are leftovers from the last model change and are new (not used) with a full factory warranty. Can be hooked up to 208-240/60/1 or 3 phase. Gravity drain. The current model in a manual control sells for $5,215.00.

Used Equipment

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Liquid Clorox Bleach for Soap Vendor

  140 bottles of LIQUID CLOROX @.43 per container

Left-over stock from a laundry closing. Standard size boxes that fit in Vendrite Soap Vendors. FOB Green Bay.

Used NetMaster boards

$150.00 - 210016 network board, each

$10.00 - 210095 communication board, each

$20.00 - 800217 harness, each

Good boards and harnesses taken out of operating topload washers. Total of four each.

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